As part of our role, we have the pleasure of working with many sole Rent Roll Owners. Many of them were star Property Managers for large agencies in their former lives. They have now taken the plunge and are making waves on their own. The typical Rent Roll owner profile we are seeing are young females with small children. They generally manage 100 properties or less, or alternatively, are a husband and wife team with a rent roll of 150 or fewer properties in their portfolio.

The Appeal of Owning Your Own Rent Roll

In talking to our Rent Roll Owners, there is one common theme with Rent Roll Ownership.

They are happy.


That little word called balance.

They manage school pickup-drop off. They do their groceries during the day. Thanks to laptops they can work remotely anywhere – whether from the playground or their local café. Or they choose to work at night one the kids have gone to sleep.

When we ask what the motivation is for owning their own Rent Roll? It gives them the work-life balance that they’ve always dreamed of. They are building their own asset as opposed to making other people rich. They have the flexibility to choose their own hours.

Walking Proof of the Living the Dream

After 12 years in the industry, I, like many of our clients, had had enough. I took the plunge and went out on my own. Not once have I looked back – not even a glance.

I initially started out in Real Estate Training, which led to the establishment of End of Month Angels. We provide agents with backend support with their trust accounting compliance and software solutions. Six years later, I felt the itch again. So in 2018 Rent Roll Angels was born – a business broking agency specialising in the sale of Rent Rolls. I’ll never forget the overwhelming sense of freedom I first felt when I was successfully operating my own business. I was walking to the bank in the middle of the day. Suddenly I thought to myself – I don’t have to tell anyone where I am and what I’m doing. How fantastic is this!

But let’s be honest. I’m not going to pretend and say that it’s been smooth sailing. With business ownership comes huge responsibility and commitment. There are staff to manage, budgets and forecasts to deal with and bills to pay. But in saying that, you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to go back to working for someone else.

Are you thinking of venturing out on your own? Taking the plunge and becoming a Rent Roll owner? If so, we have some real practical advice on things you may wish to consider such as whether to Buy a Rent Roll or Start from Scratch and How The New NSW Reforms Affect Rent Roll Ownership & Sales.

We’re also available for a free 15 minute, obligation-free chat to answer your questions and provide you with some sensible advice to get you started on your Rent Roll Ownership journey.

Jane Morgan is the Licensee in Charge of Rent Roll Angels & Director at End of Month Angels. Jane isn’t just your average broker. She is an industry veteran with over 23 years in the industry, 15 years as a Property Manager and an active Real Estate trainer. She knows the pitfalls & successes of rent roll acquisitions like the back of her hand. Contact Jane today to discuss your rent roll requirements.

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